clevX “Invention breeds invention”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson
clever eXtention
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About ClevX

ClevX™ is an intellectual property development and licensing company. Founded in May of 2005, the company has been creating new products based on large and rapidly growing markets. We strive to anticipate market trends to provide innovative solutions to meet future demand:

Today's Products + ClevX Innovation = Clever eXtensions™

Our goal is to become a leading innovator and indispensable partner for portable storage and mobile device manufacturers. While some of our technologies have been licensed and have associated products on the market, the company welcomes opportunities to create new strategic manufacturing and marketing partnerships to commercialize other innovative product platforms and technologies.

Our strategy is to leverage and license proprietary technology, assist in the design of new, cool, and intuitive products while continuing to collaborate on additional clever innovations and applications.

Our philosophy is based on keeping solutions simple. Counterintuitive as it may seem, it is often the simplest solution that requires the most imagination.

ClevX headquarters is located in Kirkland (Seattle area), Washington.

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