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Brand-to-Stick™ – Customizable Advertizing LaunchPad that Makes Your Brand Stick

Unlike other value-added applications for portable media, Brand-to-Stick is a Quick Start application (BrandPad based) in which branding and content management are linked. The utility of the application encourages the use of this software on a daily basis, helping "make your brand sticky."

Combined with ClickReports, integrated promo links can be monitored 24 x 7. ClickReports significantly increases promotional "payback" and marketing ROI of each USB device handout. To enable quick customization and efficient production, ClevX supplies an easy to use wizard.

For Brand-to-Stick examples and overview on how to make your brand stick, please see BrandPad LaunchPad Samples Overview.

Flash PadLocks The Noodle

GUIDrive – Graphical User Interface Drive
with Customizable Advertising LaunchPad
is developed and produced by MMI based
on licensed technology (patents pending)
from ClevX, LLC.

The Noodle is a Customizable Advertising LaunchPad developed and produced by Blue Loyal and based on licensed BrandPad™ Technology (patents pending) from ClevX, LLC.
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