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DataLock™ Mouse (DataMouse™) – Your Backup and BitLocker™ companion

SafeMouse creates an environment where the user does not have to think – backups are taken care of automatically. It is actually 4 products in 1: a portable backup application (BackupPad), a portable LaunchPad (BrandPad), a Flash drive and with ClevX DataLock® protection, and a mouse. The backup application comes as part of a launchpad, requires no installation, and can be easily run from an emergency computer if the need arise.

Since a mouse always has a computer connection, so does SafeMouse memory. One does not need to connect external storage as part of the backup procedure. SafeMouse memory is a PIN protected, encrypted Flash drive. It can be left unattended without fear of unauthorized access. It also makes the perfect BitLocker™ companion.

The launchpad / backup utility is a convenient tool for accessing all applications on a computer or SafeMouse memory. It is constantly searching the computer for new and updated files to assure they are copied to external storage contained within SafeMouse.

SafeMouse is a part of the Classified secure storage product line is based on licensed DataLock® and DataMouse technologies (patents pending) from ClevX, LLC.
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