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DataLock® – OS/Host Independent Self-Contained Mass Storage Security

DataLock® Secured USB flash drive is the world's first portable storage device with a self-contained "manipulable" on-board mechanism for user authentication and encryption. It is a self-encrypting, self-authenticating, bootable encrypted drive. Since no computer resources are required, the device is OS/Platform independent and works well across various OS (Win, Mac, Linux, Android, Chrome, Symbian, etc.) and devices (computers, smartphones, tablets, thin-clients, printers, scanners, PC-less projectors, etc), anything that supports USB / USB OTG.

When used in the corporate environments, DataLock® Secured devices can be used as a BitLocker companion providing an additional layer of security for the corporate users securing data on their computers. Their self-contained security also allows the use of the popular "NO EXECUTABLES" (no auto-run feature) file type restriction policy. In addition, they also be used as an encryption device for storing data remotely (see CloudKey).

Flash PadLocks Classified Secure Flash Drive

DataLock® Secured Flash PadLock® Drive 2
by Corsair.

DataLock® Secured Classified Flash Drive
by SDG

Classified Secure Flash Drive

Classified Secure Flash Drive

DataLock® Secured LOK-IT Flash Drive
by SDG

DataLock® Secured datAshur® Flash drive
by iStorage
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