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ClickReports™ – Webkey URL Generation, Remote Update, and Click Reporting Tool

ClickReports is a web based tool that allows the creation of URLs programmed into webkeys. Once distributed, webkey use can be tracked with the ClickReports reporting tool worldwide. It significantly increases promotional "payback" and marketing ROI of each USB device handed out.

Unique Benefits and Differentiators:

  • Supports multiple URLs on a landing page
  • Generates reports automatically 24 x 7 (when and where each webkey was used).
  • Supports any number of customers
  • Supports multiple webkey projects for each customer
  • Intuitive user interface and self-explanatory online demo available at any time
  • Requires minimal support

Note, it will also work with BrandPad enabled products and with anything supplying a URL. A webkey is not a necessary component.

ClickReports Products/Examples:
ClickReports™ enabled Multi-URL Webkeys from MMI based on licensed ClickReports technology (patents pending) from ClevX, LLC.

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